Specializing in counseling for adults, older adults and their families.

“You were my lifeline when I needed you most. I could not have grieved and remained functional with out your help..” - Client

Welcome and thank you for visiting Zuber Counseling, PLLC.  Being involved in taking care of my grandparents as a teenager helped me to realize the value each generation brings to our family and greater society. With age comes wisdom, and our elders can help teach us our family culture and traditions. Specialized mental health services contributes to a healthy family and ultimately healthy aging. 

Asking for help is sometimes the hardest thing to do. With over 25 years of experience treating adults and older adults, my job is to provide you with support, and help you develop effective strategies to cope with situational or long-term struggles. This may include providing education and resources, helping learn new techniques or skills to cope, and explore how thoughts and feelings are connected.